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To manage, lead, direct, plan, organize and coordinate construction and automation projects from conception to completion utilizing our abilities in project management, leadership, team development, problem solving, risk management etc. which will lead to a verifiable track for successfully completion of the project on time and on budget.


Our valuable asset is our employees and thus we are committed to keep everyone safe at our construction sites by proactively identifying potential risks and eliminating them since at a construction site the hazards and risks keeps changing continuously.


Our solid reputation has been built one project at a time, through integrity, commitment and a focus on customer satisfaction.
By hiring us, you are getting a headache free project with the best quality of the service/product.








Alfa Engineering is an integrated design firm that offers architectural, Engineering, & interior Design Solutions to clients in both Residential and Commercial sectors. We offer hassle free Building Permit services from concept to construction. We work as a team on all projects and deliver a complete permit package to our Clients.

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Project management

At Alfa Engineering Solutions all the projects are closed on time and budget. The professional in-house project management is behind the success of any of our projects from conception to completion. In addition, the project management system integrates knowledge from the lessons learned from the previous projects.

On-time delivery

Alfa Engineering ensures that every piece of the puzzle arrives to the correct location on time every time by focusing on the improvement process area. We always keep track for our commitments so customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Quality Control

At Alfa Engineering we are dedicated to a quality service across every aspect of the business. We have identified set of procedures to ensure that the service or product adheres to the client's or customer's quality requirements that were embedded in each phase of the project's lifecycle.

Fast turn-around solutions

Alfa Engineering's managers are experienced in resource mobilization and extensive seamless planning to get the job executed within the predefined duration or before. In addition, our design team assists in achieving the fast turn-around solutions in their extensive experience in designing and simulation.

Competitive pricing

As one of the market leaders in our field, we set the rates of our services to be the best in the market without compromising the quality at any point of time.

Efficient manpower

Our expert and experienced managers in resource planning always put the right number and the right kind of people at the right place at the right time. Alfa Engineering's employees are always motivated and put all their efforts to achieve excellence.